Coldboot Installer

Coldboot Installer is a small app to easily install your custom coldboot .raf and .ac3 files from USB000 (Slot furthest right).

You need to create a folder on the root of your USB stick called coldboot. This where you place your custom coldboot files.

Coldboot Installer can also back up you current coldboot files. It backs them up in the app’s USRDIR and to the root of USB000 if present with a .bak extention.



Press SELECT to BACKUP the CURRENT coldboot files
(This will overwrite your previous backup)
Press START to RESTORE coldboot files from BACKUP



Press CROSS to INSTALL new coldboot.raf and AC3 files
Press SQUARE to INSTALL a new coldboot.raf
Press CIRCLE to INSTALL new coldboot AC3 files

Enjoy.. Cyberskunk

Coldboot Installer
Coldboot Installer
Version: 1.0
115.9 KiB
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  1. Coldboot Installer v1.0 for PS3 Homebrew App is Released…

    Coldboot Installer v1.0 for PS3 Homebrew App is Released…

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