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Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2)

***** THIS ALLOWS PSN ACCESS *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** **** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY **** **** YOU MUST BE IN REBUG MODE TO ACCESS PSN **** It has been a while between drinks but that doesn’t mean we’ve been doing nothing so without any fanfare here is […]

Rebug Update Package 0.4 (3.41.3) and 0.6 (3.55.2)

***** THIS DOESNT ALLOW PSN *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** Install Rebug Update Package 0.4 (3.41.3) or Rebug Update Package 0.6 (3.55.2 & TB Edition) to update REBUG’s version spoof files to 4.00 and enable reActPSN 2.0 compatibility. As usual all previous fixes and updates are included.   UPDATER WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING TASKS […]


*** WARNING – DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE IF YOU DO NOT OWN A TRUE BLUE DONGLE *** After thinking it over the team came to the conclusion that in the not to distant future, there will be a whole lot of unhappy REBUG users who want to enjoy their new True Blue Dongle only […]

Rebug Update Package 0.1 (3.41.3) and 0.3 (3.55.2)

***** THIS DOESNT ALLOW PSN *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** We have made Rebug Update Package 0.1 (3.41.3) and Rebug Update Package 0.3 (3.55.2) (Includes Rebug Update Package 0.2) mainly to update REBUG’s version spoof files to 3.70   UPDATER WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING TASKS Update the Rebug Selector package to Rebug Selector 1.6 (Fixes some freezing […]

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