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Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2)

***** THIS ALLOWS PSN ACCESS *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** **** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY **** **** YOU MUST BE IN REBUG MODE TO ACCESS PSN **** It has been a while between drinks but that doesn’t mean we’ve been doing nothing so without any fanfare here is […]

Rebug Update Package 0.4 (3.41.3) and 0.6 (3.55.2)

***** THIS DOESNT ALLOW PSN *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ***** Install Rebug Update Package 0.4 (3.41.3) or Rebug Update Package 0.6 (3.55.2 & TB Edition) to update REBUG’s version spoof files to 4.00 and enable reActPSN 2.0 compatibility. As usual all previous fixes and updates are included.   UPDATER WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING TASKS […]


*** WARNING – DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE IF YOU DO NOT OWN A TRUE BLUE DONGLE *** After thinking it over the team came to the conclusion that in the not to distant future, there will be a whole lot of unhappy REBUG users who want to enjoy their new True Blue Dongle only […]

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